Dis-leur que l'on s'aime, dis-leur que l'on sème (перевод на Английский)

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Tell them we love each other, tell them we are sowing

(refrain) Tell them that we love each other
That this does us good
How should that be a problem
We hold each others hand
Tell them that we are sowing
Tell them that this does us good
No this is not a problem
We are the world of tomorrow. (refrain)
Tell them that this is the way
That doves are born
Tell them that it’s here
That the new world begins
Tell them our opening hearts
When the world / everyone isolates itself
Tell them we join
Emancipated from caracos
Tell them our vibrating bodies
The sound of our music
Tell them we are free
At each dance step in public.
Tell them we are united
Tell them we are together
Tell them we are alive
On this earth that resembles us
Tell them we get ahead / move forward
And that this is inexorable
Crossing (meeting) in our differences
Following the inaccessible star
Tell them we are inventing
An other singing of possibilities
Like these birds that sing
At the early morning of a big evening, happy and non obedient
Tell them that this is the way
That doves are born
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Oh please, native speakers: correct or replace that. I just did my best, so I expect the result to be a special mix between FRenglish and Genglish.

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Dis-leur que l'on s'aime, dis-leur que l'on sème

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