MakSim - Dozhd' (Дождь) (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

Rain (2010) Дождь

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Besides the sky in January
Only you know
About my night dreams.
You know so much.
No, there’s no place to run to.
I can’t say
How the sun is tired of flackering
and throbbing.
And little did I know
How much I love the rain.
The mist in my city is grey.
It’s of the color of your eyes, of your hair.
And your name is grey, too, rain.
I wish I could know from the clock
the exact hour of our next meeting,
I wish I could see from the hands
How much time is left for me to breathe.
Once and for all
I’d give all of me
For the simple “I miss you”.
Having taken me with it by my hand,
Having washed the colors off by the water, --
That’s the way the rain kisses.
Glance of running away faces.
Why are you still!
You’ll catch a cold, hide, d’you hear!
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Dozhd' (Дождь)