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Текст песни (Kick Putin) In His Nuts


(Kick Putin) In His Nuts

I could wish for a thousand bitches
Sucking my cock every day
Or I could wish for loads of drugs
I'd get so high in every way
Or I could wish for so much money
I could live like a bitching king
Or I'd get some music lessons
And know how to fucking sing
But most of all
I'd like to kick Putin in his nuts
Kick Putin in his nuts
Kick Putin in his nuts
Kick Putin in his nuts
Kick Putin in his nuts
Nuts nuts nuts nuts nuts
Nuts nuts nuts nuts nuts
Nuts nuts nuts nuts nuts
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Christian ScharlauChristian Scharlau    чт, 19/05/2022 - 16:54

Regular smile Regular smile Regular smile Though I think comrade p., and much of russia, is in urgent need of the real thing (the one written with -az-)...

Do you, BTW, hear "bitching king" or "bitchy king"? When I posted the text, I thought it was "bitching", now I rather think it's "bitchy". Though I suppose the sense here, in either case, is close to "bloody fucking" anyway...

Then again, I'm also unsure about the exact meaning of "loads of jerks". The only slang meaning of "jerk" that I know (and can find online) is "idiot" etc. ("Gosh, that guy's such a jerk!"). But it can't be that because you wouldn't wish for that :-) Then, of course, there's "jerk off", but I can't hear any "off". Or is there some obscure slang meaning that I don't know about???

Arou_Arou_    чт, 19/05/2022 - 22:01

I read the lyrics while listening to the song for the first time, so I may be influenced by that, but I definitely think I hear an "n" or an "ng" between "bitchi"/"bitchy" and king. Either way, I agree with you regarding the meaning. (Actually, at first I thought he used "bitching" in order to avoid the f-word, but then he still used it a few lines later, so perhaps he just wanted to avoid repetition?)

I don't understand "loads of jerks" either. In this context it has to be something he perceives as positive, so the "jerk off" meaning seems more likely, but he's already covered sexual gratification in the first two lines, so I still don't think that's it. (By the way, "off" isn't always necessary, neither for the verb nor the noun, as far as I know: "And I'm jerking but this whole bag of Viagra isn't working" - [Eminem, The Real Slim Shady]( It's apparently something that will make him "so high in every way", and in the video there's a picture that refers to him doing cocaine, but "jerk" doesn't seem to be slang for cocaine... [Breaking News!] While typing this, I thought "maybe it isn't the drug itself, but the process of consuming it?" and I think I got it! I think the word is "yerk": (The word isn't used as a noun in that sense on that page, and I wish I could find stronger evidence supporting my theory, but my bet is still on that meaning.) Regular smile

Christian ScharlauChristian Scharlau    пт, 20/05/2022 - 01:01

Wow, that's ingenious ("yerk")! I'd never heard that one before. I had also thought that it must have something to do with drugs, because of the picture AND because of the "get high" in the next line. So I searched loads of slang online dictionaries for some "drug" meaning of "jerk" - and couldn't find anything. Well, I don't have a problem with the fact that the examples given are all with a verb - after all, loads oft verbs can be used as nouns, too, in English, can't they? On the other hand, I still hear "jerk" when I hear the song, even when I WANT to hear "yerk" Regular smile

Arou_Arou_    пт, 20/05/2022 - 01:41
Christian Scharlau wrote:

So I searched loads of slang online dictionaries for some "drug" meaning of "jerk" - and couldn't find anything.

I did that too - and with no luck. I didn't know the word "yerk" before either. You are right that many verbs can be used as nouns too, but since that's the only page I've found that mentions "yerk" in a drug context, I would have felt a lot more confident if it explicitly mentioned "loads of yerks" as an example, haha. I agree that it sounds more like "jerks" than "yerks", but maybe he pronounces it wrong out of habit or maybe "jerks" can mean "yerks" that means "snorts of a drug", just like (according to the same page) "yerk" can also refer to "jerk off"...? Omg smile

That slang website says "Adj. To sniff a drug. Originated in the dirty den. (Meriden, Connecticut)" and Eddie Mackerel's Facebook page says "Eddie Mackerel is the UK's finest songwriter. He touches your soul with his haunting music and smashes your back doors in with his music videos.", so has this seemingly obscure slang word really made its way across the Atlantic? (Or maybe it's a common word; after all, I don't know a lot of drug lingo...)

Christian ScharlauChristian Scharlau    пт, 20/05/2022 - 02:05

Yep, that's also my problem - that I don't know anything about drugs and drug-related slang. Loads of RUDE slang words, that would be now problem... But not drugs Regular smile But seeing the picture showing cocaine on the table and also that "I'd be so high", I think at least for the translations I'll use some word for "loads of drugs"...

FreigeistFreigeist    пт, 20/05/2022 - 04:41

I think the solution of the riddle is much simpeler.
You simply misheard the word.
I hear him singing: "Or I could wish for loads of drugs".
And the next line goes: " It'd get so high in every way"

Arou_Arou_    пт, 20/05/2022 - 04:59

I know that our ears/minds can play tricks on us, depending on what we're primed to hear, and that could possibly be the reason why I suddenly hear "loads of drugs" very clearly. But actually, I think you solved it, [@Freigeist]! Well done! Teeth smile

FreigeistFreigeist    пт, 20/05/2022 - 20:00

Bitte beachte auch die Folgezeile:
Man hört nicht: "I'd get so high in every way"
" It'd get so high in every way"
Man beachte auch seine Geste im Video.

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