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Текст песни A Clock stopped

  • Исполнитель: Emily Dickinson
  • Переводы: Немецкий

A Clock stopped

A Clock stopped —
Not the Mantel's —
Geneva's farthest skill
Can't put the puppet bowing —
That just now dangled still —
An awe came on the Trinket!
The Figures hunched, with pain —
Then quivered out of Decimals —
Into Degreeless Noon —
It will not stir for Doctors —
This Pendulum of snow —
This Shopman importunes it —
While cool — concernless No —
Nods from the Gilded pointers —
Nods from the Seconds slim —
Decades of Arrogance between
The Dial life —
And Him —
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lyrics by Emily Dickinson, 1861
set to music by Katherine Benson for voice and piano
set to music by Michael Ippolito, 2018, for voice and piano


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