En mi ciudad hace calor (перевод на Английский)

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In my city it's hot

Hello goodnight we have a call
hello goodnight
in my city it's cold
if I'm here my friends also are
but that is happening any other beautiful way
I know it, yes
hello, yes....
enemies cover streets well
my friend put it through the veins
break the moon
don't break the chain
here I am making dinner
good for the face like cream
to you it smells rich to me it smells great
a cable eight hundred antennas
If have a grasp I won't loose the manes.....
I have it easily born in my day
you trust you don't trust
remember our foolishness........
I have it easily born in my day
you trust you don't trust
remember our foolishness
It's The Bad María
for a settlement for a breakdown
in my lyrics, I speak of action
from ham, from pollution
from police
from courage
from cockiness
from hot blood and from cold blood
gathering refining my aim
through under through above
Hello goodnight
hello as you call
hello, hello, goodnight we have a call
goodbye to think if you go to leave to kiss
leave to give progress behind
if you to leave to put ether
to deserve to be the
this penis enters well in your ass
and feel in the Eden
Rumba Ruben turn up the volume and sound good
they see it and don't believe it
by that they have to have this semen in your bra
I am as, as, it's worth to me
Bad, Bad Rodriguez for
for they happen, dirty micros I offer my services
rap worse you notice benefits with
question at these miserables
innocent cocks now want to be guilty
to listen rap
to dress rap
to dance rap
you all go to eradicate the desire of the rap
give through ass my part and of the Bad Maria
to remember this is not silly
R of Rumba I also was and if you don't have ears with
put the helmets in the ass..
put the helmets in the ass it's whatever we said to them
better song to end
"you'll give through ass" a greeting for all
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En mi ciudad hace calor

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Oh maybe when they say Mala they're talking about the artist. Sorrry. The word mala in Spanish means bad.