Ada Milea - Femurul (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

The femur

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I'm student in medicine, my life is so vivid and blithe
When I dissect corpses, I feel I'm drowning in formol
Stuff is few, without it you can't learn well
I need a femur, I'm going to the graveyard for stealing it
Between the crosses in heavy night, I'm disintering somebody da da da
The dead was lately buried and he needs to be cut off his flesh
With the axe I'm cutting the leg hârşt!!! pfuu!!!
With a knife I'm removing the flesh, off the bone
I take the femur, I put it in my bag and i bury the dead in a flash
I'm going blissfully home, I did it
I take the femur, I'm not weary of staring at it
I'm the best student, the most loved
I've been working for that(3X)
Добавлено hindi god в вс, 24/04/2011 - 12:34

'disinter' is the only word for i've looked up in dictionary



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