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Why are you grieving Fernando?
Why does your guitar sound so sad;
what’s going on?
Is it love Fernando -
has she left you, your great, great love -
is that it?
Those who have loved and lost
know that it happens from time to time.
The grief can be difficult to bear,
but betrayal by friends is something you have to learn to live with.
I have also lost, my dear,
How could you think that this could only happen to you …
Have you got any happy songs to play,
play, play them for me!
Long, long live love
our best friend, Fernando.
Raise your glass and propose a toast to it,
to love, Fernando!
Play, play the melody and sing the song of happiness.
Long, long live love!
To love, Fernando!
Shall we propose a toast to the others
for eternal love and faith that lives in every song?
Or toast to each other?
Would you drink for the happiness that I once had…
It is true what they say a beautiful fairytale never, ever lasts.
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Fernando ~ Swedish Version

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