Filled to the brim

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Идиоматический перевод "Filled to the brim"

Chock full
Английский #1, #2
de bote en bote
pełen/pełny/wypełniony po brzegi
Битком набит
Пун као шип

Meanings of "Filled to the brim"


full to the top.
The brim is the top of a container, like the edge of a cup. Also, if a cup is brimming, it's full. This word has a couple meanings related to fullness. If a cup is full, it's filled to the brim, but this expression is often used figuratively.

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Napunjen do vrha, pun puncat.

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"Filled to the brim" в текстах

Zivert - I Want Some More

My rock is inside you
From A to Z, your own personal kind
We are filled to the brim, we're going mad,
I want one more sip...

DAOKO - Our Network

In this ordinary forest, filled to the brim
The outside of the window that gave me a good feeling is a sea
A ship of hope is rising to the surface
who will go out together with me, with this symphony

Juanes - I'm worth nothing without your love

Than an empty century, my love
And it's more valuable
To have the heart filled to the brim
That's why I want your love to always be

Massimo Ranieri - How Did Your Mother Make You?

now I'll tell you all...

A basket filled to the brim
With all the strawberries from the garden

Kenshi Yonezu / Hachi - Peace Sign

A story with no big twists

Those violent days filled to the brim with scars,
And now, worn down to shavings

Meghdad Sahhosseini - I was dead I came alive (Rumi)

and then my heart
pulled itself apart
and filled to the brim
with a new light

Monsta X - As I Told You

Whoever's trying to put me in
I'm already different, starting from my size
It's already filled to the brim
Mean to all

Children of Bodom - Platitudes And Barren Words

Than platitudes cos your words are wearin' thin

I’m filled to the brim
What’s one more deadly sin?

Akeboshi - Cloudy Night Sky

Do you still remember the silly promise that we made to each other so long ago?

I wonder what you'd say if you saw the night sky filled to the brim with so many stars.
No matter what, the thing that keeps giving us hope might just be the promise we made.

Sagopa Kajmer - In order to

With my sword and shield slaying demons with the words wield,
Graceful with the pen but im not asking for a writers guild,
In this potters field witch is filled to the brim the days stay cloudy the sun has went dim,
The children have turned grim, slim chances of saving them no code for their ethics, pathetic in always in these lost days, in these lost days its hard to be raised,

Ben (South Korea) - My Name Is BEN

making a living while writing songs
staying alone in my practice room on a cold night
in the small room filled to the brim with my music
there are tears and memories

George Koldun - Belarus

We live under a peaceful sky
We welcome guests with bread[fn]sharing bread and salt is the traditional greeting ritual, like in numerous other cultures[/fn]
A home filled to the brim with joy[fn]"where (you can find) bowlfuls of joy" :)[/fn],
where our children live happily[fn]"where [lies] the happiness of our children"[/fn]

Fferyllt - Yule

On winter solstice already bring Yule!

Again the deep bowls are filled to the brim,
The foreign wines flows like water,

Wanna One - we are

break free from insecurity, throw it away
look forward to all their cheers for us
we're filled to the brim with energy

Megadeth - Rust in Peace... Polaris

The warheads will all rust in peace

Bomb shelters filled to the brim
Survival is such a silly whim

Behzad Leito - You and I

You say Beze Lei close the alcohol
Cocktails come filled to the brim
We both have become tired of complaint

Red Velvet - Ladies Night

Inside those shining times eternally
I’ll keep the feeling of right now
Inside my heart, filled to the brim

Ultima Thule - Now the valley embraces us

In the happy time of spring
Each day is like a golden bowl
Filled to the brim with wine
So drink my friend, drink sunshine and fragrance

Immanuel Casto - Tropicanal

Under the moonshine, bathed by the seafoam

Between the palms, mouths filled to the brim
of that tropical juice

Els Pets - Hidden

Yesterday in the morning I met you again at Pryca[fn]A chain of Spanish supermarkets launched in 1976 and taken over by Carrefour in 2000[/fn]; you had the same fringe.
We couldn’t avoid bumping into each other.
You had a shopping cart filled to the brim with pork sausages (poor animal!),
you didn’t recognize me and I pretended I didn’t see you.