Im new amateur tranlator from Finnish-English and otherway around...

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I'm perhaps less skilled than most translators in here, but i'll do the best i can, and perhaps my mistakes aggrovate others to correct them in to a more beatiful way. I also wish to get better at translating song lyrics, and i guess this is the place to train your skills. I also hope that even my first clumsy translations won't be totally lost cause, that they'd help someone atleast a bit in one way or the other.


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Hi hello! I have also joined quite recently. I wish you a warm welcome! Regular smile Let me ask you what is your first language. Is it English or Finnish or another yet? It should help me see things better from your perspective while possibly giving you some hints. Yeah well, sincere efforts are always appreciated - at least by me. I saw your first translation: it was not comlpeted, and I just thought that you'll finish it and I decided to look at it more closely later leaving my comment only then. I hope you'll find it fun enough here Regular smile

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OK good. Now I see. With your updated profile info. I wish you can find helpful people around you!

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Lioness, tervetuloa Regular smile You are a welcome addition to the LyricsTranslate community! Glad to see you here.

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