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Hi, would somebody be kind enough to help me translate this lyrics to japanese? i need this for school project, thank you :DD

The Sunflower Song

Today, I walk on this path again
Looking back, the sunflowers are blooming
I wonder how long has it lasted
Since last I saw your smiling face

That day, that time
I remember meeting you for the first time
I was just a boy who loves singing
Others mocked me a lot
But you, did not

You smiled at me
With the smile I would never forget
You praised me, you said you want to listen to me more
Just that, and I was so happy

Together, we spent our time
Together, we sing
Together, we grew up

Just then I realised
My own feeling

A boy who loves to sing
A voice I really love
To me, a weak girl who has lost hope
He’s shining like a sun

Never apart, I’m always happy
Never apart, he’s always by my side
Seems like time flows endlessly

But not long after, she fell sick
Worsening day by day
Unable to move, unable to sing
Unable to spend time together


But then you passed away
I’m sorry that I had to go
Without giving me a chance to say
I didn’t have a chance to say
I love you oooohh

Now everytime I walk this path
Looking at the flowers which resemble you most
I will look up to the sky
And say
I love you… always

sorry it's crappy, i made it myself though, but i'm not good at japanese. so i need your help to translate it! thanks very much!! >"""

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Kyou wa, kono michi de mata aruku yo
Furikaette, himawari wa saitte
Kimi no egao wo mite kara
Doredake kana

Ano hi, ano toki
Kimi ni deau hajimete wo oboete yo
Watashi ga otokonoko dake datta utau ga suki
Yojin ga boku ni karakatta
Anata shinakatta nai kedo

Kimi ga watashi ni hohoenda
Egao to kesshite wasurenai
Kimi ga watashi ni hometa, Kimi ga watashi ni wa kikiitai mou to iu
Sono dake shiawase datta

Isshou, watashitachi no jikan wa kurasu
Isshou, watashitachi ga utau
Isshou, watashitachi ga sodatta

Choudo sono omoishitta yo
Watashi no kanjou

Otokonoko no utau ga aisuru
Koe ga hontou ni aisuru
Watashi he, yowai no joshi no kibou wo nakushita
Kare wa taiyou you ni kagayaku

Kesshite betsu ni, itsumo shiawase yo
Kesshite betsu ni, itsumo kare ga watashi no soba ni iru
Jikan wa enen no nagareru deshou

Female: Demo tookarazu ni, kanojo ga yanda
Male: Hinihini de akka suru
Female: Ugokasu wo dekinai, utau wo dekinai
Male: Isshou no sugosu wo dekinai

Together: Ooohh

Male: Anata ga mimakatta no ni
Female: Gomen ne tachisaru nai to dame
Male: Boku ni kikai wo kurete nashi de
Female: Iu wo kikai wo nakatta
Together: Daisuki yo

Male: Ima de kono michi wo aruku tabi ni
Mite hana de kimi ni nite sorede
Sora wo miagete
Iu yo
Daisuki yo to... itsumo

**Note: This is just a rough translation. Some (or many DX) might be incorrect so you might want to have it double-checked. Since I'm not a native speaker, for some of them, I used alternate words, like, instead ot "I'm sorry that I had to go" I used the verb for "To leave" instead of "to go".

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