Potrebna pomoć Srba ( Need serbian help)

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Zdravo svim ko govori na srbskom Regular smile
Trazim jednu pesmu dugo vremena i nemogu da nadjem nigde ko peva ovu pesmu a teks je ovakov:

Slušajte pesmu sad, dok peva Beograd,
i svaki covek i svaki grad
zajedno peva sad
Sa juga i severa, istoka, zapada
neka cuje neka se zna koliko te volim ja

O jugoslavijo, o Jugoslavijo,
i svaki covek i svaki grad
slobodno peva sad

Braca po krvi svi, jaki i slobodni,
Braca u dobru braca u zlu,
bit cemo za uvek tu

sa juga i severa, istoka, zapada
neka se cuje neka se zna,
koliko te volim ja...

O jugoslavijo... o jugoslavijo...
i svaki covek i svaki grad
slobodno peva sad

Hvala Regular smile

Editor Vishunja
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Zdravo! Ta pesma izisla na CD Pesma nas je odrzala ,Target u 1999 g
Na drugom linku ima dugme za download ali rok vrijednosti vec isteko

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Hvala! Спасибо, но эти ссылки не работают Sad smile


Just one correction:
Potrebna pomoć Srbima (Help needed for Serbs)

You wanted to say this:
Potrebna pomoć Srba - Help needed from the Serbian people/Serbs

Different word case, different meaning of the sentence Regular smile

Today's political milieu removed such songs, since they claim the songs were part of political propaganda of that time. I don't think you'll find it on the net. (Although we removed such songs in the name of good relationship with NATO, NATO policy hasn't changed or removed almost nothing.)

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Tnank you , Nenna for correct title of the topic . But why do you removed such songs ?
I did not think that Serbia cherishes good relations with NATO, especially after the events of 1999
This is a wonderful song, it has the national spirit. It sounds in a documentary film about the arrival of Russian troops in Pristina


I'm not in tune with politics, but as far as I know Serbia now holds neutral position. (Better - divided, some likes NATO, others don't, so you got some kind of artificial middle of nothing). That song was composed while NATO bombarding of Serbia, and was sung in many protest rallies against bombarding. Since political climate has changed, those songs seem to be forgotten today. Such songs may sound politically provocative today, but what is more important - they awoke bad and painful memories for a lot of us here. We don't want to think about war years anymore and be enslaved by the past, nor to be labeled by Milosevic's regime.

The song itself is fine and, of course, we all know about arrival of the Russian troops. I saw them myself, while passing through my town - they were greeted by the local people. Regular smile

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Thank you for information about song Regular smile I perfectly understand that it is impossible to live memories and hatred, but is also impossible to forget, because it's own history! I wish all residents of the Balkans the peace and kindness (and generally throughout the world)
Thanks for the memory of our soldiers Regular smile
Pozdrav iz Rusije Regular smile Ziveli!!!


Привет тебе! Живели! Regular smile Regular smile

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Привет! Zivela Srbija! Biggrin

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