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Hi! I am looking for help with translation of my Christmas website.

I have set up this website to share with you the display that so many find pleasure in watching. This is my way of allowing more access to what I put up in our garden for Christmas. I try to run this project and web page with so little resources as possible. This means I can not afford to hire translators. I would kindly ask if anyone here could help me with the translation of my page for the good cause's sake.

If you speak and can translate from English to another language exept the language already existing, and think it would be fun to translate my website so please feel free to contact me. You who help me will be mentioned on the website. The text to be translated are in English and in a word document. I would be very grateful if I can get any Christmas lover's help with this!,

Interested in for exampel Greek, Finnish, Norwegian.... etc..

Please visit my web and se if you like to help me!

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards


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hi..can i have your email add? i have A proposal to you in where we can translate your website in languages that you like.



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oh im sorry . i forgot to give you my email. please send me your information in my email

thanks agan



If you are interested, then I can translate your site to Hungarian.
my e-mail is: ssemihfh_at_herzeleid_dot_net


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