[SOLVED] Transliteration help - Mansour song

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Aussie Scheherazade
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Hi all,

I have recently fallen in love with this song by Mansour - 'Ahay Divooneh'. However no transliteration exists Sad smile Someone requested it last year but it was never fulfilled.

I'm wondering if somebody can please help? I don't even care so much about the English translation lol. I just want to be able to sing along Biggrin


Thanks so much.
And if you could please note where the long 'a' sounds are (by writing 'aa' or 'ā') that would be wonderful. MERSI!

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Someone has taken care of the request, but the transliteration doesn't sound right to me. There is no /w/ sound in Persian. I'll do another one for you now (although I don't like Mansour Teeth smile )

Aussie Scheherazade
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Haha oh that's interesting lol. Thank you very much, I appreciate that!! Regular smile

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