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The Ice rose*

Nested the woe, amidst your pretty eyes
Dwells the night, amidst your black locks
Here are your darks eyes, dark as my nights
Darkness in your eyes, is as dark as my woes
Sobs becomes rain, on its way down my lashes
Flood of griefs wrecked my green home
When you’re with me
Loneliness goes with the wind
My eyes were raining night long
Fluttered away the spring from my hands
Blossomed the ice rose1in my heart
Loneliness sets me on fire in my room
Such is the blossoming of the time**
What is there to sing? Lost is my youth
As gone is my voice
Blossomed the ice rose in my heart
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گل یخ

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aariapooraariapoor    пн, 27/03/2023 - 19:27

A nice and neat work, good job and thanks!

Thing I can't get it is that why this became #2 !?! 🧐