הבלדה על יואל משה סלומון (Habalada al Yoel Moshe Salomon) (перевод на Английский)

перевод на АнглийскийАнглийский

The Ballad of Yoel Moshe Salomon.

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The day was new, with morning dew
In Eighteen seventy eight1
From Jaffa five of them were riding
On horsebacks to their fate
Shtampper came and Guttman came,
and Zerach Barnet
and Yoel Moshe Salomon2
A sword shone in his belt
And with them rode Mazraki3
Distinguished doc indeed
along the river, the Yarkon4
the wind sang in the reeds
and near the Umm Labes5 they took a break
Just thicket and swamps around
And up a little hill they climbed
Then to inspect the grounds
Mazraki then said to them
After a short time:
I cannot hear here any birds
And that's the worst of signs
If even birds cannot be seen
This means that death here reigns
So I advise, get out of here
And don't come back again
The doctor jumped upon his horse
While caring for his health
And so the three friends also joined
And hurried out in stealth
But Yoel Salomon then said
With his delirious eyes
"I'm saying here up on this hill
Under these murky skies".
And he remained up on that hill
And overnight some heard
All of a sudden Salomon
Grew wings just like a bird
Yet no one’s telling where he flew
Unreal as this may seem
Perhaps this was a fairytale
Perhaps it was a dream
But with the early rays of sun
As morning rumble stirred
The cursed vale abounded with
The chirps of singing birds
And people say that to this day
From night to early dawn
The birds in the Yarkon still sing
Of Yoel Salomon
  • 1. 5638 in Hebrew calender
  • 2. Purchasers and founders of Petah Tikva: David Gutman, Yoel Moshe Salomon, Joshua Stampfer and Zerah Barnett,
  • 3. thought to be Dr. Karlemo Mazraki, a Greek doctor
  • 4. Yarkon River in Israel
  • 5. Petah Tikva
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הבלדה על יואל משה סלומון (Habalada al Yoel Moshe Salomon)

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