Hiç utanmadan (перевод на Английский)


Hiç utanmadan

İsmin düştü bu gece dilimden
Tam da unuttuğumu zannederken
Böldüm cümlemi tam ortasından
Bende kalan yarını duymanı istemem
Fotoğrafın düştü sol iç cebimden
Tam da unuttuğumu zannederken
Eğildim arka yüzünü çevirdim
Kapkara hayatımı görmeni istemem
Oysa senin
Hiç utanmadan aklından neler geçiyor
Başın kimlerin omzuna düşüyor
Yanında götürdüğün mutluluklar
Beni hep teğet geçiyor
Aklından neler geçiyor
Başın kimlerin omzuna düşüyor
Giderken unuttuğun hatıralar
Benimle dalga geçiyor
Hiç utanmadan
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Without (a) shame

Your name fell off of my tongue tonight*
Just as I thought I have forgotten
I divided my sentence right off the middle
I don't want you to hear the half of you that remains with me
Your picture fell off of my left inner pocket*
Just as I thought I have forgotten
I learned down and flipped the backside
I don't want you to see my pitch-black life**
However without (a) shame***
What passes in your mind***
Whose shoulder your head falls to
The happinesses you took with you
Are tangential to me****
What passes in your mind
Whose shoulder your head falls to
The memories that you forgot behind as you go
Mocks with me
Without (a) shame
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*: The same word "düştü" is used in Turkish, which is the past tense for "falling off"/"fell off". First one denotes speaking/saying while the second denotes the literal falling. This is a common usage in Turkish although not so common in English.

**: Kap-kara is a kind of usage in Turkish that implies an amplification, generally used for colors (Other examples like Kıpkırmızı, yemyeşil) which can be interpreted as "super-red, super-green". In regards to black, as pitch-black covers this usage as it is Kapkara (Kara is dark, also used for black).

***: In Turkish, sentence structure is fairly different than English hence line by line translation often leaves translated sentences grammatically incorrect. Line by line translation for these two lines would have been:

However yours
Without a shame in (your) mind what passes

Here, you see two your(s) in the translation since in Turkish, it is denoted by 2 specifiers (senin, literally translated to your AND one in the noun that has the belonging akl-ın-dan, here ın gives the belonging to the noun for the 2nd singular person)

As you can see by the ugliness of the line-by-line translation, I opted to stick to grammatically correct translation (Also due to my respects to the band)

****: Being tangential to, while it is a geometrical term, is often used in Turkish to describe an event that ALMOST occurred to a person, but occurred regardless. In the songs case, it is stated that there are some happinesses around but the author cannot feel happy.

If you have any questions regarding the song or the language, feel free to send a message.

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