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Beginner's luck

Добавлено Гость в 2013-10-12

Идиоматический перевод "Beginner's luck"

Kezdők szerencséje
τύχη του πρωτάρη
Die dümmsten Bauern haben die dicksten Kartoffeln.
Дуракам всегда везет
Новичкам везёт
acemi şansı
Aux innocents les mains pleines

Значения "Beginner's luck"


Said about people being successful on tasks they've no experience whatsoever
I can't believe how she pulled this off, it must have been beginner's luck
"With the luck of a beginner he'll be eating turkey dinner on some mountain top in Pakistan" from Getting ready for Christmas Day by Paul Simon

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"Beginner's luck" в текстах

Tyler, The Creator - NEW MAGIC WAND

You roll the dice, hit a seven, sure you right
Beginner's luck, you not my first, who gives a fuck?
Your other one evaporate, we celebrate

Miel de Montagne - Tutorial

Used to think I was talented
But that was just beginner's luck
When it rolls, I slip (I slip)

TryHardNinja - It's Me

Though we tried our best
You seem to have beginner's luck
We came so close

Bigflo et Oli - It's just rap

[Couplet 1: Oli]
Hello rappers, It’s been a longtime
We got the whole of France singing like a choir
As we wait for the impostors we're making money

Kenny Rogers - The rock of your love

I lose myself in this place
Strangest smile on my face
The Hand of blessing or beginner's luck
Here I stand on the rock of Your love

Kyla - Let the love begin

Look at us
ain't it funny
is it just beginner's luck

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Beginner's Luck

The beginner's luck, now don't mess it up
If you get too stuck just bluff
The beginner's luck is tough

Theo Katzman - The Death of Us

I tried hard to play my cards just right
Beginner's luck usually gets me through the night
But after one kiss it hits the fan

Ella Fitzgerald - (I've Got) Beginner's Luck

Where the first time is the last time

I've got beginner's luck
Lucky, through and through

Dota Kehr - Wire rope

A long thin pole, you stand on your hands in the middle
Of the wire rope
Between two very high towers, in very small steps
On the wire rope

Dappy - All or Nothing

Show me a hand, got a plan know a way where we can double up
Done it before, this ain't another case of beginner's luck
Lost bad soul, I knew I had to have another go

Clutch - Walking in the Great Shining Path of Monster Trucks

Cause in the Great Shining Path of the Great Monster Trucks
There's no such thing as beginner's luck
I'm the Dirty Dozen for the price of one

SENDREI - Beginner's Luck

I'll never win again
At the end of the day
It's just beginner's luck
It's my luck, it's my luck

Olivia Castriota - What Do You Stand For

You don't have to build me up
This shit ain't beginner's luck
I work for it, every minute

Every Time I Die - Petal

What if meaning never comes?
And I was just someone to fuck?
All of life, beginner's luck