Ignorance is bliss

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Идиоматический перевод "Ignorance is bliss"

The less you know, the better.
في كثرة الحكمة كثرة الغم
Jo mindre du ved, jo bedre
La ignorancia es felicidad
Com menys se'n sàpiga, millor
بي خبري خوش خبري...!!!
A ignorância é uma bênção.
Счастье в неведении
Русский #1, #2
Многие знания - многие печали.
Меньше знаешь - крепче спишь.
Много будешь знать, скоро состаришься
Zlatá nevedomosť
Čím menej vieš, tým lepšie.
Cahillik mutluluktur.
Moins on en sait, mieux on se porte.
Kion mi ne scias, tion mi ne envias.

Значения "Ignorance is bliss"


You don't what to know the details. Such as if you were buying something that was stolen. The less you know the better

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Mas wala kang nalalaman, mas mabuti

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~ Κάποια πράγματα είναι καλύτερο να μην τα ξέρει κανείς ή να μην τα ξέρεις
~ η άγνοια είναι ευτυχία, η άγνοια είναι ευλογία

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*Neznanje je blaženstvo
-Nešto što kažeš što znači da ako ne znaš ništa o problemu, da te nije briga o tome
-Bolje je neznanje nego da znaš o nečemu i brineš o tome

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Okunnighet är salighet

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cehalet mutluluktur

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"Ignorance is bliss" в текстах

Jeremy Zucker - not ur friend

Darling, watch me disappear
Ignorance is bliss, I hear, and
I have always been sincere to you

Evelina (Finland) - I don't want to know

to ask if you're thinking of someone else when you're with me, hey yeah
I don't want to know, I don't want to know, (know)
Ignorance is bliss, yet I wonder, I wonder
If you think the grass would be greener with someone else, do you think so

NEFFEX - Nightmare

What the hell am I doing here, man?
I guess I don't understand a thing, damn
Yeah, or maybe ignorance is bliss
Yo, I'd rather lay in the abyss

Years & Years - Valentino

He knew what to say to sweep me off my feet
I should've never heard a word he said to me
I was comfortable with ignorance is bliss
Cause I told myself I wouldn't fall for it

Yohio - defeating a devil a day

So beat around the bush
’cus ignorance is bliss
But we know, yes we know

Post Malone - Fuck The Internet

It's a lot
Well, if ignorance is bliss, then don't wake me up
And I'll probably be the last to know

Hopsin - Fly

And understand they controlling your thoughts cause they got a lot to win
Niggas get turned away when I mention this
Ignorance is bliss but I don't give a fuck, I won't censor shit
The Matrix is real and you done entered it

Post Malone - Internet

And I'll probably be the last to know
'Cause I don't get on the internet no more
Insular, well if ignorance is bliss, then don't wake me up
And I'll probably be the last to know

Cherub - Doses & Mimosas

And drinking a beverage (Ahh)
To ignore it all
Guess ignorance is bliss and
I've come to embrace it

Andy Lau - Kick to the Future

Who cares whether he is good or not
Bad or not
Ignorance is bliss
It is a joy to drift along in the sea of bitterness

Wise Guys - You Stupid

because it is written: "Ignorance is bliss!".
But sometimes I ask myself: Who should adhere to this?
Can heaven cope with this many ignorant people?1

  • 1. The quote "Ignorance is bliss." is told "Blessed are the spiritually/mentally poor." in German. So in the lyrics, he's actually asking "Can heaven cope with this many blessed people?"

Idles - Stendhal Syndrome

[Verse 2]
Ignorance is bliss, yeah?
Well I’m not pleased

Gianna Nannini - Patience

Shadows chasing each other on the wall
Your scent reaches me
Ignorance is bliss
And I need you

Type O Negative - Anesthesia

Did one say so cruel
'Tis better to love and lose
Ignorance is bliss
Wish not knew your kiss

G-Eazy - Don't Let Me GO

I Do suppose
Ignorance is bliss truth be told
They say go smash these groupie hoes

G-Eazy - Marilyn

Like we always were before as happy as the Kennedy's
No one told Jackie about Marilyn's tendencies
Ignorance is bliss when you're married half a century
Life is too short, trying to hold it all together

Marina - Emotional Machine

An emotional being (Should I act like you're somebody I miss?)
Since I was a teen (A velvet glove around an iron fist)
Cut my feelings off clean, clean (If you wanna survive, then ignorance is bliss)

Nach - Requiem

When I was a kid I believed in democracy
and prayed each night in poverty thanking
ignorance is bliss, it's actually a jungle
change the world it's not something they suggest you (no)

Kid Cudi - Soundtrack 2 My Life

And a happy ending be slitting my throat
Ignorance to cope man
Ignorance is bliss
Ignorance is love, and I need that shit

Lecrae - Background

Yet don’t even cling to you, take time to sit and glean from you
It seems like you were patient in my ignorance
If ignorance is bliss, it’s ‘cause she never heard of this