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Kiss goodbye

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Значения "Kiss goodbye"


Faire une bise d'adieu

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Это может означать как и поцелуй на прощание, так и примирение с потерей, прощание навсегда.

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elveda öpücüğü, hoşça kal öpücüğü.

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veda busesi

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"Kiss goodbye" в текстах

Jacky Cheung - Kiss Goodbye

Our past stories have become clouds and smoke
Dispersed right before our eyes
Even as we've said "goodbye" to each other
I don't see you feeling sad at all

Leehom Wang - Kiss Goodbye

Baby don't cry, this moment is so familiar
Tightly holding your hand, neither willing to part
I keep wanting to speak, but perhaps it's better to keep silent
So that for a minute I can focus, and properly appreciate your beauty

Jay Chou - Listen to mom's words

Because two days later you will find it on the playground
You will start to like pop music
Because Jacky Cheung is about to sing "Kiss Goodbye" 1

IC3PEAK - Kiss Of Death

Do you want to kiss me last time?
Tu-tu-tu-ru-tu-tu, tu-ru-tu
One last kiss, goodbye

Lynda Lemay - The Damned French

And we wish them safe travels

We give them a kiss goodbye
As if we'd always done so

Piso 21 - Life Without You

You leave without saying a word to me
And you're killing me with your lies
I waiting for a kiss goodbye

Scarlett Johansson - Set It All Free

Just set it all free

This is my kiss goodbye
You can stand alone and watch me fly

Jacky Cheung - Kiss Goodbye

You and I kiss goodbye on an empty street
Even the wind blows me up,I cannot resist it
You and I kiss goodbye on a crazy night
My heart is waiting for sadness come along

Zeki Müren - The Goodbye Kiss

The time when she left you
You wouldn’t put this orphan attitude/face on
When you put the goodbye kiss on her forehead
You wouldn’t look at her* face this way

REO Speedwagon - I Don't Want To Lose You

I'm left this mornin' indecently exposed
So much we never did talk about
And your kiss goodbye, said the case is closed
I don't want to lose you

Halcali - Long Kiss Goodbye

Kondo wa itsu aeru ka nante
sonna kaoshite yokuierutte
omotteta yo nande darou
nani mo ki ni naranai furishite

Silente - Kiss Me Goodbye

There are come nice excuses
Pick one
And kiss me goodbye
Right at the beginning

Carabao - Go to the Horizon

And prepare to take off
The GPS is set for the farthest ends of the universe.
Blow a kiss. Goodbye, my mama, and say goodbye to Earth
Brush off your tears no matter how much it hurts.

Hannah Montana Forever (OST) - Kiss It Goodbye

Kiss it goodbye-ey-ey-ey
Kiss it goodbye-ey-ey-ey

Grupo Extra - Not a single Call

Not a single kiss goodbye
Only the desire to apologize

Robin Schulz - One More Time

Then we'll do it one more time
Last song, last night, last sunset
Last kiss, goodbye ain't done yet
Last song, last night, last sunset now

Leehom Wang - Kiss Goodbye

Baby不要再哭泣 这一幕多么熟悉
给我一分钟专心 好好欣赏你的美

Kasabian - Goodbye Kiss

Doomed from the start
We met with a goodbye kiss
I broke my wrist

Steam - Na na hey hey Kiss Him Goodbye

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye

He'll never love you, the way that I love you
'Cause if he did, no no, he wouldn't make you cry

Petula Clark - Tell Me Goodbye (Kiss Me Goodbye)

Do not worry so much.
I know the truth.
She loves you and you love her.
All that remains is for you to go away.