till kingdom come

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Значения "till kingdom come"


forever, until the end of the world.

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Kingdom come - already exists. - St. Sol 4 года назад

Mapagkailanman, hanggang maari, o hangang kamatayan.

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назавжди, вічно, поки світить сонце

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"till kingdom come" в текстах

Egzod & Maestro Chives - Royalty

Ooh, ooh, ooh
Till the battle's won
Till kingdom come
Ooh, ooh, ooh

Red Velvet - Kingdom Come

I got you, you got me
I got you, you got me
I love you till kingdom come

Coldplay - Till Kingdom Come

For you I'd wait
Till kingdom come
Until my days

Johnny Cash - I Hung My Head

And he'd come to fetch me
To see what they done
And we'll ride together till kingdom come
I pray for God's mercy

Red Velvet - Kingdom Come

I got you, you got me
I got you, you got me
I love you till kingdom come

Pearl Jam - Setting Sun

You'd make your way to stay somehow

May your days be long till kingdom come
May our days be long before kingdom come

Over the Rhine - All I Need Is Everything

Feel the slip and the grip of grace again

So from now till kingdom come
Taste the words on the tip of my tongue

Amazarashi - Boys and Girls

That's right. You and I can start our lives all over again.

So till kingdom come, let's put an end to smiling through the pain.

Bon Jovi - Blood on Blood

One on one
And I'll be here for you
Till Kingdom come
Blood on blood

Pan Pan - Kids Wanna Dance

and tells you, "Keep the other for when the night's well along"

She dances till kingdom come
and she's a killer when she puts on her lipstick

George Michael - Mothers Pride

His lifeless eyes
He's a soldier now forevermore
He'll hold a gun till kingdom come

Mono Inc. - Princess Of The Night

You're the princess of dark
I will overcome the scum
Your palace guard till kingdom come

Anna Bergendahl - Kingdom come

For the lonely ones

And I swear I’m holding on ’till kingdom come
My kingdom come

Melnitsa - The Ritual

Out of skies do swoop down
And then take me away far from this wretched life
And till kingdom come, take me away
Into heavens, do take me away!

Willi Tokarev - The Skyscrapers

In the meantime I am not rich, yet I can't be called a scum,
It appears that I'll have to forge my dream till Kingdom come.

Hillsong United - Alive

I was lost with a broken heart
You picked me up, now I'm set apart
From the ash I am born again
Forever safe in the Saviour's hands

Sagopa Kajmer - Zoned Out

You can't leave it and get used to lying more easily
There isn't a sheep of life, does not stay on hand, it gets off
People are like sparrows; can't fly till kingdom come but fall down
Not possible to escape the bad end for the fate reaches the neck while running away

The Clash - Tommy Gun

You better strip it down for a custom run
Tommy gun
Waiting in the airport 'till kingdom come
An' we can watch you make it

Red Velvet - Kingdom Come

(Oh oh oh)
I got you, you got me
I love you till kingdom come

Frozen Crown - Call of the North

Where the Gods meet the land far off we stand
Until the end, never to return
As universe will be our throne till kingdom come