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Turn aside

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Значения "Turn aside"


يميل-يحيده عن-يجنح-يلتفت جانبا

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"Turn aside" в текстах

Charles Baudelaire - The Voyage

But the true voyagers are only those who leave
Just to be leaving; hearts light, like balloons,
They never turn aside from their fatality
And without knowing why they always say: "Let's go!"

Pineapple StormTV - Acoustic Poetry #2: About Us

today they're no longer friends.
She told me to seek being right
I told her to turn aside
She pointed out some of my failures

Yiannis Kotsiras - The cigarette

when you wake tomorrow I'll amend

Turn aside lie on my shoulder
I know now I was misled

Giuseppe Verdi - Mademoiselle Valéry? (Act II Duet, Violetta/Germont)

the roses of love.
May your heart not desire
to turn aside my prayers.

Melnitsa - Bride of Poloz

Oh, lass, don't you go and stir any dread.
Don't arouse the witching ways,
Turn aside, glance away -
Serpent and serpentess wed.

Moana (OST) - I am Vaiana

The voyagers we’re descended from
I can feel them within and they’re spurring me
I want to follow them and nothing can turn me aside
I’ve made it here on my own and I’m going to go far

Jowell & Randy - Shorty

That broke corner, that broke street

she doesnt turn aside
she focus in her flow

Avraham Aviv Alush - There Are Days

inside simplicity there is truth
and it has a way to come out
if we turn aside we won't fall into the abyss
wars in the heart in front of the eyes of

Svet-Nasтаsya - My Light, a Street

Oh, lyuli-lyuli, a street wide, my life's light,
I walk along you, I don't turn aside
Oh, lyuli-lyuli, I don't turn aside.

Ketil Bjørnstad - Sweetest Love (by John Donne)

And may thy fears fulfil;
But think that we
Are but turn'd aside to sleep;
They who one another keep

Berenguer de Palou - So much I love.

I see you in my thoughts, day and night.

Do you know why I do not turn aside or hesitate
in loving you, my fair, gentle friend?

Eleonora Zouganeli - Cut and Deal Me In

It’s as if into a celestial light
some black ink had been dripped.
Where are you? Lost? Why do your eyes turn aside?
What truth have you hid behind this infernal disguise?

Calexico - Roll tango

When the arrow flies
"Splits" the apple of your eyes
Watch the strong man turn aside and flinch
Not knowing that outside the camp

Boris Grebenshchikov - Harvest Festival in the Palace of Labor

And now here we go to the Harvest Festival in the Palace of Labor1

Time to turn aside, but how to do it?
To leave this zone, to tear the wires out of yourself

  • 1. In the Soviet era, a "palace of labor" or "palace of culture" was a public building that hosted organized cultural and leisure activities for workers

Russian Children Songs - Go ahead!

I'll give my life for what I love!

Go ahead! Don't turn aside and don't fall
If you fall - get up!

Yanka Dyagileva - Over The Dark Leaden Colour Of My Quiet Depths

Over the dark leaden colour of my quiet depths
Of the undiluted torture of the dark blue days
Over the uneven concrete down and down on knees
Gath’ring speed, accelerating–off the ledge–earth nears

Van der Graaf Generator - Mirror Images

Who stands before me can see as well
Can surely tell that he's not yet free
He can turn aside, but can no more ignore me
Than know which one of us is he

Die Prinzen - Afraid, you're leaving

I really don't know, whether you understand it (whether you understand it)
I'm so afraid you're leaving (simply leaving)
Whenever you turn aside (turn aside),
Then I'm afraid you're leaving (afraid you're leaving)

Hillsong Kiev - Alive

You surpass all my words
Only you I will follow all my days
I will never turn aside from Your ways
Gave me your freedom in goodness forever

Korol i Shut - The mischievous skomorokh

He grabbed the bride
And put her in a butt,
Asked everyone to turn aside.