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Watching grass grow

Добавлено Safyra в 2018-07-07

Значения "Watching grass grow"


Watching/doing something very slow and boring.

растолковано SafyraSafyra, сб, 07/07/2018 - 05:49
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"Watching grass grow" в текстах

Sido - 30-11-80

[Verse 1: Eko Fresh]
If this Paul Würdig
asks , if Ek the Mac will rap his track
I say: "Ah, Sagol, I'm in"

Tonči Huljić & Madre Badessa - Che Guevara and Pasta Alone

Socialism, yeah right
Capitalism came, oh my!
And I'm still watching, watching grass grow
And I drink beer in front of the store

Speach Impediments - Desperate Measures

[Verse 1 - Syntax Vernac]
Let it begin with true way
Heart-strings pullin' at the shoulder blades
Makin' it impossible to spread wings

Pirat's Sound Sistema - They Cry

They cry, the rich, they cry too
They say they have feelings, that they're people
They cry, the rich, they cry too
They have tons of problems and no one to listen to them