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Текст песни Pay Charon in advance

  • Исполнитель: Istasha (Matthias Ljunggren)

Pay Charon in advance

Crimson pouring but pulse is alive
Rotten bodies afloat appear on the riverside
Leave you conscience to wander inside the hollow
With your bones broken down disclosed all the marrow
Cracked vain
Jaw split
Flat brain
Broken pieces of promises in the backseat
Blank faces are staring inside depraved
Howling issues rushing by
In my vision they are engraved
Take two
Blood tide
Spill life
Travel surface level tension abruptly increased in vials
Resurrection not an option when tensile describes the blight
Keep the coin by your side
See Charon that's when you buy it
Chorus x2
Decisions decisions
Explore the depths with inscicions
May pose a threat to the vigilance of anatomy
All the atoms it's seems out of order
Take entropy to the border
Unweave the place uncast the lights
Rot inside yourself
It's a shorter way to die
Well that's just another way to hide for eternity
You provided the urgency
Open site like emergencies
It's a bitch
Mind locked strafe
Enter inside your body take price and you meet your grave
Chorus x2
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