Keny Arkana - J'arrive du monde de demain (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

I Come from the World of Tomorrow

Open your heart and see the world
See the need, not the demand
Light, coming from the Shadows
The world collapses in torment
Everyone lies, and humanity dies softly
All this time lost in getting money
Often we lose ourselves, living too drunk
We will succeed only in welding ourselves
The day when Babylon falls, that will be the day when I dance
Flame of Mary of Magdala, with something from Florence Rey
I don't cheat but transgress, I transcribe and transmit
And if the crusaders get through us, it won't be roses that I'm throwing
I look for peace in the midst of gladiators
Sometimes I tell myself it's like looking for humanity when you're attached to the radiator
Paradise of hearts programmed to fear, I took the pen
Like one takes the blade, when there is nothing more, to defend a liberty
Against their fantasizing folly, their crimes and their abuse
We're going crazy because we're sick of it, how many centuries has it been going on?
The Story of Man is his history
He's the only one who can change the last letters of his spellbook
Pass to the other side of the mirror
Come to see the life of the interior, turn his heart back to the color of ivory
Path of return, the memory comes back to us like victory
The world is falling apart but we won't fear tomorrow because we believe in it
I come from the world of tomorrow
Come to raise up the masses, because the world is crazy
A cry of hope that comes from far away
Through flames, through lighting
Follows a young generation that has nothing left to fuck up
Generation, hey, enough, the civilization is angry
Rap poetry temascal... salaam, shalom, namaste*
Write according to your instincts but don't trust appearances
Learn to look, and discern what is real from masked balls
Society, a carnival, comrade
Where everyone dances with the role they have been given and the parade starts early
Indoctrination, unstoppable technique
I got the hell out of there, "No one's seen lil Arkana around?"
Carnala, I've seen shit give birth to flowers
The worst hits men to make them grow better
The Truth crushes lies
The intention of peace to soothe fear, that is what cushions the great jump
We want to live with a capital L, so everyone whips out their plan B
God gave us Life, and only He can take it away from us
Ease your fear and remove your heart from danger
Maybe it will be time to initiate it
Come to warn because...
I come from the world of tomorrow
Come to raise up the masses, because the world is crazy
A cry of hope that comes from far away
Through flames, through lighting
Follows a young generation that has nothing left to fuck up
Society of cattle, transforms every detail
Coming in the media, the sons of the devil have medals
A mic disguised as a firecracker, we all flipped out
A true rage, the head of someone from a small town on the stone where the Pleiades lay
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*salaam and shalom are Arabic and Hebrew, respectively. Both words mean peace but are idiomatically used as a greeting. Namaste is a common greeting in many places on the Indian subcontinent.

Sorry, I'm not the best at translating raps. If you see any errors or idioms I missed, please send me a PM!


J'arrive du monde de demain

Keny Arkana: Топ 3
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tonysan    сб, 22/10/2011 - 23:42

Hi Shisa.
I have two questions :

What does "break the weights" stand for? In french "peter les plombs" means "go mad", literally. Just wanted to point it out so you know if you've translated it correctly.

What does "break down" stand for? Is it "rip" one's body part? "Se casser" here is to go away (i get out of here) and it may be very offensive too. For exemple "casse toi d'içi" (get lost / get the fuck out of here). Unlike "Je me suis cassé la jambe" which means "i broke my leg".

shisa    сб, 19/11/2011 - 16:19

Hi Anthony. Thank you for this, because these raps confuse me immensely, and I really probably shouldn't even be translating them. I don't think I'll be doing any more. I've learned French in the classroom for most of my life but I'm too young to have had much real-world experience with it. I'll fix the things you mentioned. Feel free to tell me if you find any other errors.

shisa    сб, 19/11/2011 - 20:51

Oh, j'ai oublié de répondre à ton question! "Break down" en anglais c'est ou comme "tomber en panne" (pour les machines) ou "faire une dépression nerveuse" (pour les personnes). Maintenant je vois que je l'ai traduisé trop littéralement mais c'est quand-même quelquechose qu'on dit en anglais. Je devais faire plus d'attention. Désolée si mon français n'est pas trés bon en ce moment, c'est parce que je l'ai laissé tomber comme classe depuis l'année passée. Merci encore une fois!

tonysan    вс, 20/11/2011 - 01:38

No, i think you should continue. These translations are very good. Way better than what i've done until now i think (i am not a beast in english lol), and i am a French native... Keny Arkana's songs are very hard to translate.

As for the correction i just tried to explain you with my own words, here it doesn't really fit (i get the f* out is pretty vulgar). Maybe something more formal, but with the same idea, would be better?

The other (peter les plombs) is okay.