Jaya - Shadow Love

  • Исполнитель: Jaya ( Jaya Ramsey, María Luisa Ramsey Kagahastian-Gotidoc)
  • Альбом: Jaya (1989)

Shadow Love

Ooh yeah
Can you feel me
Out here in the night
Waiting for you
By the moonlight
You belong to someone else
But your dreams belong to me
'Cause I'm the one you turn to
To give you what you need
Shadow love
Slip away into the darkness with me
Shadow love
Close your eyes and step into my
Shadow love
Slip away until the morning, baby
Shadow love
Close your eyes and step into my dream
Somewhere music plays
on the radio
I whisper to you baby
Soft and low
And you keep coming back
To the secret rendezvous
Cause she will never touch you
Or kiss you like I do
If there were no one around us
We could follow the feelings of our hearts
If we could slow dance together
And hide away forever under the stars
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