Françoiz Breut - Je ne veux pas m'éloigner (Je ne veux pas quitter II) (перевод на Английский)


Je ne veux pas m'éloigner (Je ne veux pas quitter II)

Je ne veux pas quitter
tout ce que j'ai perdu
ce que je n'ai pas eu
que je sentais venir
que je sentais finir
sans que rien ne soit vécu
je ne peux pas m'éloigner
des choses que j'ai perdues
des lieux
des étés bousculés
des noms qui remontent en
Je plonge mes bras pour les tirer
vers moi, aussitôt ils se cabrent
me voient déjà les avaler
et j'aime sentirqu'ils
les choses avalées
ne sont même plus bonnes à
elles vident le passé
je ne veux pas quitter
tout ce que j'ai perdu
que j'ai cru posséder
que je n'ai jamais eu
de ces verres refusés
à ces mains non tenues
je ne veux pas me couper
de ces choses là non plus
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I am not so sure about the capitalisation used in the song. Any help could be very useful! Regular smile

There is also only the "Je ne veux pas quitter" version, which is for about 1:53 minutes long.

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перевод на Английский

I don't want to get away (I don't want to leave, part II)

I don't want to leave
all that I lost,
that I never had
that I felt coming
that I felt ending
while nothing was lived through.
I cannot get away
from the things I've lost
from the places
from the jostled1 summers
from the names bubbling up to the
I dip my arms to pull them
to me, but they rear back
thinking I could swallow them.
And I like to feel them
escaping me.
Swallowed things
are not even worth losing
They empty the past.
I don't want to leave
all that I lost,
that I thought I owned
that I never had.
From those glasses denied
to those hands unheld,
I don't want to sever my ties
with those either.
  • 1. that's rather unusual and could have a few different meanings : "bustling", "crowded", "rushed"...
This translation does not claim to be of any particular value.
Glad if you liked it, sorry if you didn't.
You can reuse it as you please.
Glad if it's for knowledge or understanding, sorry if it's just for money or fame.
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What a strange song. Pretty good, actually.

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Gavin    вт, 17/10/2017 - 09:55

That's pretty weird!

from the names popping through the surface - a bit unusual... It's quite typical to talk of things that "bubble up to the surface" ie "From the names that bubble up to the surface"
some of these glass denied to - Don't think you really need the "some" here. Just "Those glasses denied to"

The sentence structure is a bit debatable but in that last verse I read the first four lines as one phrase and then the last 4 together as the next one.

petit élève    вт, 17/10/2017 - 19:18

bubble up to the surface -> thanks, I was missing the proper idiom there

Yes, I see what you mean about the structure. How do you think I could make that more explicit?

The French says "these glasses... and all these other things, I don't want to sever my ties with", but that's heavy as a truckload of bricks in English.

Gavin    ср, 18/10/2017 - 09:47

I'll have a go Regular smile

Are these hands "raised" - is it not "all the things from those glasses to those unheld hands"

From those glasses denied to
those hands unheld. (or unraised if you're sure about that)
I don't want to sever my ties
with those either.

petit élève    ср, 18/10/2017 - 09:55

No, you're right. I mixed up "tendu" and "tenu" (because the first image that came to my mind was that of hands held out to grab the glasses). I should have paid more attention.

I'll take that, except I don't see why you put "hands unheld" instead of "unheld hands" ?
EDIT: nah, that's OK. For the symetry with the glasses, of course.

Gavin    ср, 18/10/2017 - 10:01

Yes - that's how I was reading it for a while until I thought "hold up..." ;-)

You could switch the adjective position for both the glasses and the hands but it actually sounds quite good this way round for a poetic structure. Those words unsaid etc.