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The Swan Song

Версии: #1#2#3#4
Again the children on your yard you see
under your window playing their games
In your window again in your place you stay, there in the window you stay
You fly away back the years
Those memories daily get a hold of you
They're again looking for a singer for the swan song, they're again looking for a singer
Those moments from birth to death that are being projected on the eyelids
Make some believe maybe in God, some in Satan, or in whatever
But not in this world
You also once got to find
That half-a-century lasting love
It was easy for you to be happy, to be happy
Now what will you do with your instincts
When the bird have long flown away from the nest
There are only the photographs turned yellow, you go through them again, and again
You probably don't need my pity, it doesn't make the pain go away
That pain writes this song That pain can catch anyone
That pain will catch
Your veil of sorrow I see, five years ago it got to breath
The swan song made you cry then, made you cry
You would like to be like back then, when you were all veiled in white
It's been all left in time, as are you
I would like to try to be left on the surface of the water
When I see the river overflowing, the river overflowing
Those women in the market with their carts and the men in their pubs
Dreaming of the source of youth I guess, and the pain languishes, or whatever
Again a moment closer to death, the pain never fades
That pain writes this song, that pain can catch anyone
Anyone, that pain will catch anyone it wants
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