Kırk Yılda Bir Gibisin (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

You are like the one in forty years

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After this hour, it doesn´t matter
Truly we will solve it at last with this procedure
Your life story, which is in your past, won´t hurt me,
Because we are already writing a new one
In front of my eyes, I see the tale of the Arabian Nights
Won´t the love I believe in, upset mountains
As long as you write, all the expectations of your mind
We will complete the incompletes separately
And as a response to everything, you came to this world
My God, what kind of elegance is this, you are so lovely
At least however have some flaws, there are people with them and there are some without
Honestly, no change is needed, you are like the one in forty years
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Kırk Yılda Bir Gibisin