Kaleš bre Andjo (Kалеш бре Анѓо) (перевод на Английский)


Kaleš bre Andjo (Kалеш бре Анѓо)

Ајде слушај, слушај, калеш бре Анѓо,
што тамбурата свири.
Тамбурата свири, калеш бре Анѓо,
анама да бидиш.
Анама да бидиш, калеш бре Анѓо,
на чардак да седиш.
На чардак да седиш, калеш бре Анѓо,
жолтици да броиш.
Жолтици да броиш, калеш бре Анѓо,
бисери да нижиш.
Бисери да нижиш, калеш бре Анѓо,
на грло да редиш.
Ајде, слушај, слушај клето бре Турче,
анама не бивам.
Tурски не разбирам, клето бре Турче,
вера не менувам.
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перевод на Английский

Kalesh Angja

Come on, listen, listen Kalesh*, bre*, Angja*,
what tamboura* is playing.
Listen Tamboura playing, Kalesh, bre, Angja,
so that you become an anama*.
So that you become an anama, Kalesh, bre, Angja,
and sit on the porch.
Sit on the porch, Kalesh, bre, Angja,
and count the gold.
You would count the gold, Kalesh, bre, Angja,
and string the pearls.
String the pearls, Kalesh, bre, Angja,
and line them up on your neck.
Come on, listen, listen, you damned Turk,
I won't be an anama.
I don't speak Turkish, you damned Turk,
And I won't change my religion.
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* Kalesh = dark (It could mean "dark-haired", "dark-eyed", "dark-skinned", etc. or even "beautiful" allegorically). It could have came from the Romany "kal" or Turkish "kara" (both meaning "black").
* Bre = or "m're" comes from "more", Greek loanword "μορέ", which is a vocative form of "μῶροϛ", meaning "crazy."
* Angja = female Macedonian name, short form of "Angela."
* Tamboura = traditional stringed instrument, brought to Macedonia by Turks.
* Anama or Hanuma (turk. hanıma) = Turkish noble woman.