Kanaby (كنباي) (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский


I feel like I'm sitting on a couch,
with the best of folks drinking tea.
And no one's standing behind me,
and a mirror (x4)
I feel like I'm standing behind me,
and in the corner of my eye I see a cup of tea,
and I see what happened on the couch,
and a mirror...people.
And a mirror...people.
Me and you are the best two,
Me and you are the best three.
Move it, c'mon, you screwed up the two.
My dear, you're the brother of mistakes,
my dear, I see where.
I feel like I'm sitting with myself,
seeing myself in something like a mirror.
Just sitting me with myself,
in anyplace, in anyplace.
In anyplace, waiting.
Drink a cup of tea on us.
I'm a part of you and you're a part of us,
and we drink tea.
Prepare the cup.
You're in the cup.
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No one's standing behind me- may have a 2nd meaning of "no one's going against me"

I feel like I'm standing behind me, may have a 2nd funnier meaning because the crowd laughs here in the video. Or maybe they're just laughing at the whimsical wordplay, which this song is filled with...


Kanaby (كنباي)