Kanaby (كنباي) (перевод на Английский)


Kanaby (كنباي)

حاس حالي قاعد ع كنباي
بعز الناس وبشرب شاي
ولا حدى واقف وراي
ومراي .. ومراي
ومراي .. ومراي
حاس حالي واقف وراي
وبطرف عيني شايف كاسة الشاي
وابصر شو صار بالكنباي
ومراي .. الناس
ومراي .. الناس
وانا وانت احلى اتنين
وانا وانت احلى تلاته
زيح تعى عوجت الانتين
يا حبيبي انت اخو فلاته
يا حبيبي انا ابصر وين
حاس حالي قاعد معاي
شايف حالي بإشي زي المراي
بس قاعد انا وياي
باي محلاي باي محلاي
باي محلاي باستنا
تشربو كاسة شاي عنا
انا منكوا وانتوا منا
ومنشرب شاي
خضرا الكوباي
انتي ف كوباي
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I feel like I'm sitting on a couch,
with the best of folks drinking tea.
And no one's standing behind me,
and a mirror (x4)
I feel like I'm standing behind me,
and in the corner of my eye I see a cup of tea,
and I see what happened on the couch,
and a mirror...people.
And a mirror...people.
Me and you are the best two,
Me and you are the best three.
Move it, c'mon, you screwed up the two.
My dear, you're the brother of mistakes,
my dear, I see where.
I feel like I'm sitting with myself,
seeing myself in something like a mirror.
Just sitting me with myself,
in anyplace, in anyplace.
In anyplace, waiting.
Drink a cup of tea on us.
I'm a part of you and you're a part of us,
and we drink tea.
Prepare the cup.
You're in the cup.
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No one's standing behind me- may have a 2nd meaning of "no one's going against me"

I feel like I'm standing behind me, may have a 2nd funnier meaning because the crowd laughs here in the video. Or maybe they're just laughing at the whimsical wordplay, which this song is filled with...