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  • Weak.wav • Angry Ai

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текст песни Weak.wav

My consciousness stuck out of reach
Chemicals melt on my tongue as we rot at the beach
Wash away in the sea
[Verse 1]
Round and round it go roller coaster dome
Dryer full of clothes head like all of those
Show em wrote thru these flows surface spoke all they know
Kick claps with off key tones catchy from pointless notes
Fuck phones
Land of the lazy braindeads
Same speds ate meds vibrated to your end
Promo they make trend go lone ain't make friends
My zone no defense we all weak meat flesh
[Verse 2]
Block the thoughts with box of cough and sniffs
Erasing pain and clocks its stops the sobbing quick
Forget myself for a while a growth apocalypse
Sore slept metal cots my car impounded hit
Sought confidence like pockets hollow quick
Stop locking lips bitch back to slobbing dick
Thot thought she slick she ain't that hard to get
Lard targeted get hit with shards of tin
Push pins of twins of hers n hims who think they all so different
But littler than litter shit and try so hard to fit it in
Social skills petite women
Life is feet fitting you defeat driven
She got meat mittens knees got fleece in em
Seamen speed given she a need pin it
You a loser moveable meat
Chug kombucha chase it with bleach
Medicine made my kidneys weak
Weak wavs fill up your feed
Fucker living like he deceased
Busy bee been grinding teeth


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