Kiss (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский


A kiss on a table, and two or three grains of sand
A slice of bread with honey, no clouds in the sky
Softly breathing C-note melodies onto your back
Hanging onto your every word, taking little turns on a merry-go-round
A caress of winter right on your sunny skin
And two or three gusts of wind from the near past(1)
Loving when you hum G-note melodies
Dangling from your voice, taking little detours through you
Ouhhh ouh, ouhhhh ouh ouh ouh ouhhhh ouh ouhhhhh ouhh (x4)
Talking briefly of crossed-out wounds(2)
Two or three bad memories that we wanted to follow(3)
Tearful melodies ill-fated in your arms
Little returns to happiness dangling from your heart
A sailboat at sea, two or three currents against the air
A bowl of chocolate as simple as that
Summer projects, D-note melodies
Little turning pages dangling from the journey
Ouhhh ouh, ouhhhh ouh ouh ouh ouhhhh ouh ouhhhhh ouhh (x4)
A plot of land on an island, the rebuild
Two or three barns in a corner, and us alone in this garden
Thank the confectioner, B-note melodies
A nice twist of fate dangling from your hands...
Ouhhh ouh, ouhhhh ouh ouh ouh ouhhhh ouh ouhhhhh ouhh (x4)
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(1) I wasn't sure how to translate "sur le passé présent", I thought perhaps it could be talking about a recent past, like something that just happened

(2) "Un mot" is like, a brief mention of something, a word about something, and "de l'encre qui rature" (ink that crosses out/erases). The two things separate didn't make sense so I thought maybe it was talking about the two people in the song talking about old wounds with each other, like sharing bad memories that they had gotten over

(3) I wasn't sure how to translate "suivre" in this case, because "to follow" didn't seem right (who would want to follow a bad memory)? And I sense that it means something else, but I couldn't find any meaning that made sense. If anyone has a better suggestion, feel free to tell me.



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