L'échappée (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

The Runaway

The runaway
Look at them from up here
They walk without making a sound
Looking for their graves
In the middle of the night
Look at them fly
In their worn-out cars
To fall back into bed
Decrepit, without magic
I know it's taking time but
I beg you, look how much you're worth
I know that you're bored and running away but
Look how handsome you are
Look at them fall
Thousands, throwing themselves
From the rooftops of their beauty
On the tips of their toes
Look at them cry
Over all their tomorrows
Hungry for their destiny
With the lines of both their hands
I brought everything we need
Nails and a hammer
We'll build a bridge
To cross over your pain
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moodbeast    чт, 15/02/2018 - 17:59

Thank you Sarah, that was fast! My attempts were poor at best. This sounds cheesy, but this song means a lot to me. Again, thank you.