A la gare de Perpignan (перевод на Английский)

перевод на АнглийскийАнглийский

At the Perpignan Station

At the, at the Perpignan* Station
There's a train that turns back time
When it comes away from the edge of the ponds
Away from the summers of yesteryear
I find myself in the Paris carriage
Already there's the Louvre, the Tuileries**
There's also my family
On the platform
Very well-behaved
But speechless
At the Austerlitz Station***
I know well
I won't go to the Ritz
And I say to myself
Here it's much bigger
Than the Perpignan Station
You'll have to pay your own way, my friend
Go to work, so that you'll be happy one day
And come back, who knows, with a happy heart
At the Perpignan Station
A whirlwind of time, the years pass by
Memories, but not all them are faded
Because the dreams, the dreams stay hidden away
Yes, they are blossoming relentlessly
Thirty-two years have gone by fast
At the moment we're even and I know
That I prefer the sweetness of my old spring days
To the train that turns back time
Perpignan, Perpignan in your station
Young people leave for the fight
Less young ones get off there, delighted
Hoping to relive their life
But life,
It doesn't restart itself
Day and night
It passes step by step
Towards the last train we take
To the Perpi-Gnan Station
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*Perpignan is a city of a little over 100'000 people in the south of France.
** The Tuileries is a stately public garden in Paris.
***The Austerlitz is a large train station of Paris.
This is a pretty nice song with good poetic lyrics, and it was interesting to translate, but this also made it a little hard to translate in some parts. If you have any suggestions/improvements for this translation, I would appreciate them very much.
Thanks for reading! (:


A la gare de Perpignan

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