Les deux chiens (перевод на Английский)

  • Исполнитель: Bénabar
  • Песня: Les deux chiens
  • Переводы: Английский
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The Two Dogs

What does this little dog have
To provoke this big dog
He bounces, he barks
But he doesn’t make the weight
He grunts showing his teeth
Except that he is not the size
He make well take his wicked air
The big dog yawns bye
A small dog against a bulldog
This is, at best, suicide
Or the effects of a drug
In both cases, it's stupid
He attacks a tougher opponent
This little dog is foolhardy
He will finish up playing the hero
In his veterinarian’s office
If the other gets upset, he bursts him
He decalques (?) him, he smokes him!
A swipe would suffice
To send him to the moon
The little one isn’t lacking panache
The big one is preparing for attack
True, he could be considered a coward
Since the other gives him little slaps
Little slaps
Such fury is explained
There must be a reason
Besides they’re barking things
But I do not understand, they are too far ... and from here I don’t hear well
Is it an old grudge?
Something from when they were puppies
Unless it is because of a female?
Who knows with animals!
I'm afraid they will kill each other
I should interfere
But they are already shirtless
And showing each other their pink gums
Here they are ready for the fight
They are facing down each other
And growling things about their mothers That I cannot repeat, it is too vulgar
Meow! Meow?
A cat who passes by
Suddenly reconciles them
They forget their fight
And both of them throw themselves on him
The cat dies!
The moral, if one is needed
It is just a bitter truth:
Hatred is the best common cause
To bring former enemies together
It is a moral that spoils the moral
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Did my best -- a few rocky spots. Would appreciate some editing help.


Les deux chiens

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