Marco Frisina - Iubilate Deo


Iubilate Deo

Iiubilate omnis terra,
iubilate Domino nostro,
alleluia, alleluia,
iubilate Deo,
exsultate in lætitia,
iubilate Deo.
Laudate eum in excelsis,
laudate Dominum nostrum
omnes angeli et virtutes,
laudate eum
quoniam magnus Rex est Dominus
super omnem terram.
Laudate pueri Dominum,
laudate nomen Domini
benedictus nomen eius,
benedictus in sæcula,
super cælos gloria eius,
laudate omnes gentes.
Laudate eum omnes angeli,
laudate omnes virtutes,
in æternum laudate eum
omnes gentes et populi,
quia ipse mandavit
et omnia creata sunt.
…iubilate Deo omnis terra.
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Sciera    вс, 18/05/2014 - 17:05

If you want it translated you should click on "add new request" instead of adding something into the submitter's comment.
Well, I'm going to translate it.
EDIT: Done.

Also, please don't write the title into the lyrics field. I've corrected that. And it seems misspelt - in the video it's spelt "Jubilate Deo".
I also don't see much reason in capitalizing that first and last paragraph. If it's the chorus then it could be marked as chorus instead.
Also, do you know who that song is from originally?

Kevingj2002    пн, 19/05/2014 - 07:46

So sorry for the errors, thanks so much for willing to translate this hymn. The capitalised part is the chorus. Not too sure who the original composer but the name Marco Frisina is the musical director.

Sciera    пн, 19/05/2014 - 17:28

Okay. I thought it might be an older text which was only covered/interpreted by Marco Frisina but if it might be originally by him than that's fine, too.
I've marked the chorus now accordingly. It looks better to me that way but I noticed that many websites also write it in capslock instead.
Well, the translation is done. You're welcome, it's a good way of practicing Latin a bit.
I do wonder a bit though, what you need it for - why would you plan to sing a song with your congregation and only after having decided which song to use take a look at what the lyrics mean?
Sorry for my questions, just wondering.
And if you have a congregation than you're probably some kind of priest. Why don't you know Latin, then? I suppose that's different in other countries but here in Germany you need to know Latin, and, if you're evangelical, also Ancient Greek and Hebrew, to become a priest.

Kevingj2002    вт, 20/05/2014 - 12:41

We are planning to sing the hymn in Latin but the congregation needed to understand the hymn in English. We have not actually started singing the hymn yet. We are still practicing the hymn. In Malaysia, not all priest can sing in Latin although they do understand a bit of Latin.