On the mark

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Идиоматический перевод "On the mark"

On the money
(Dead) On the nose

Meanings of "On the mark"


On the right (measurement) point, exactly where one needs to be. It can be at a predetermined point where someone/something travels, goes to. To be just at the exact level, volume. "I filled the litre container to the top and stopped the water. I was on the mark."
"On your mark!" can be a preliminary command to put your foot in the proper place when a race will begin so it has a different meaning.

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"On the mark" в текстах

The Doors - Love Her Madly

Of a deep blue dream
Seven horses seem
To be on the mark

David Archuleta - Spotlight Down

Spotlight down

I'm on the mark
Get ready set

Ivana Korolová - Preggers

I will come back to you
when I find the right way
Slim and on the mark
And we will start again

Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists

Power unrestrained
Dead on the mark
Is what we will deliver tonight

Magic Power - Thank You

Heroes in the movies, all wear mask when night comes
The me in reality relies on the mark of you wiping away the tears
Rescue yourself requires more bravery than rescuing the world

Fergie - Pedestal

[Verse 1]
Record sales are on the mark
'Cause that's about the time the rumors start

Notis Sfakianakis - Left

And it'll cut my wings now by your own hand..
The heart is big, and you'll hit it on the mark

Mötley Crüe - Sumthin' For Nothin'

Target practice in the dark
Sumthin' for Nothin'
I'm a crack shot on the mark

Exciter - Cold Blooded Murder

No life no place to go
Just knowing no one cares
A shot in the dark or right on the mark
Homicide not suicide

Jinjer - On The Top

Unsatisfied need makes you push forward
Greed, striving for its reward
Like a racer on the mark, you burn your rubber
Like a starving shark looking for its supper