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I keep

¡Hey Juan!
say my friend twist that we follow putting,
giving, pasting and now... now...
¡that we don't change the station!
since times of radio station rose rhythms
that already caused great sensation.
how was the Mambo, the Sound, the Cumbia,
the dance and the Charleston.
and so the people infected with a singular music
that with good gusto, to all who arrived,
inciting to dance.
but at the pass of time all was changing and in the actuality
Ay! Ay! Ay!
now is better nor to speak!
now is better... to stay clam
therefore now with this Song to all the world I want to express
that yes! that yes! that yes!
then you can dance all without being so coarse nor chabacán (no such word).
that the joy and the roguery
confused I don't no in your sing
with all that then nothing input
to our popular music.
now defend all your traditions
No the traditions, because so...
already they won't to be to speak.
already no, already no, already no
already they won't be able to speak.
they will have to trust, they go to you with respect
already they won't be able to speak.
and now come like come,
¡Still ahí! therefore I keep.
and now come like come,
I have to have it,
¡Still ahí! therefore I keep.
if, the people like
if, the people like my salsa
my pertty music at the mammy and to all the girls, yes yes
your good to dance
Still ahí, still ahí, with my elegant music,
a little spicy
and at the final... there is no one with stamina
to all my friends I say:
¡Ay god! therefore I keep
to my brothers, they grew with me
the people of Cuba have been witness
from the sadness and joys that I've lived.
you that doesn't believe ay no...
and I see you praying, asking to God
I'm always in your preference and now
that you don't want to change my station.
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Me Mantengo

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