Marie-Mai - Mentir (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский


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Sometimes, life forces us to take detours
Hiding the truth beneath layers of velvet
Manipulating some to protect others [ALT Tricking a few to protect the rest]
And never revealing to culprit
Lying to escape
from his reflection in the mirror
Lying, not to deceive,
But to blend in [ALT But to hide; But for camouflage]
Never stop
Lying to escape
From his reflection in the mirror
Lying until you cannot see yourself [ALT until you lose yourself]
To blend in [ALT to hide; for camouflage]
Never stop lying, lying.
Tortured by boredom, we make a story for ourselves,
After so many lies, we begin believing it.
How do we leave without tricking everyone?
When we leave, are we leaving for our graves?
Who will wipe away our tears?
Who will end this drama [ALT story; tale]?
Who will see through this veil?
Who will break this mask?
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