Motörhead - Fire, Fire

  • Исполнитель: Motörhead
  • Альбом: Ace Of Spades
  • Переводы: Французский

Fire, Fire

Foxy, do you have a light?
Can you light me up tonight?
I'd like to see you burn me down,
Why don't you let me light your fire?
Why don't you let me stoke you higher?
Fire, Fire! Holocaust
Fire, Fire! Given up for lost
Fire, Fire! Strike one, strike two
Fire, Fire! I'm a match for you
You're quick to learn,
I love to watch you burn
Come any time, I'll torch you out
Only you can create the flame,
Only you can scorch my brain
Fire, Fire! Conflagration
Fire, Fire! Hellfire, damnation
Fire, Fire! Strike six, strike eight
Fire, Fire! I think you're great
You can't put me out,
But there ain't no doubt,
You ain't nowhere near safe with me
You ain't the first to turn me down,
You ain't the first to turn me round
Fire, Fire! Big black smoke
Fire, Fire! Ain't no joke
Fire, Fire! Strike nine, strike ten
Fire, Fire! Strike out again
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