Motörhead - The Hammer

  • Исполнитель: Motörhead
  • Переводы: Греческий

The Hammer

Let the killer go,
don´t let your mother know,
Don´t go out tonight,
don´t even try to fight,
´Cos I can see,
I´ve got the thing you need,
And I´m here to stay,
it´s gonna be that way,
Don´t try to run, don´t try to scream,
Believe me, the Hammer´s gonna smash your dream
I´m in your life,
just might be in your wife,
Could be behind your back,
I might be on your track,
And it might be true,
I might be onto you,
I´ll scare you half to death,
I´ll take away your breath,
Don´t try to see, don´t try to hide,
Believe me, the Hammer´s gonna make you die
Ain't that right!
There ain´t no way,
you´ll see another day,
I´m shooting out your lights,
bring you eternal night,
And your eternal tricks,
begin to make me sick,
The only thing I know,
is that you´ve gotta go,
Don´t you panic babe, don´t look around,
Believe me, the Hammer´s gonna bring you down,
Believe me, the Hammer´s coming down!
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