Motörhead - Living In The Past

  • Исполнитель: Motörhead
  • Альбом: Kiss Of Death
  • Переводы: Турецкий, Французский

Living In The Past

Don't you speak of lies to me
After all the deeds are done
After all the smoking guns
Don't speak to me of lies
Don't you try to scold me now
Don't you try to hold me now
Don't start acting cold right now
Don't you even try
Nothing is the same for us
All the times are changed for us
All things fault and blame for us
Good times laid aside
So now we are the lost
And now we are the last
Living in a nightmare
Broken dreams, love turned mean
Living in the past
Don't you speak to me no more
After what you said before
After all the things you swore
Don't speak to me no more
Don't you know the way we are
Black enough to hide the stars
Made us take our rage too far
Don't you know at all
Nothing is what we have now
Nothing is what we're allowed
Nothing but an echo now
Nothing like before
I ain’t gonna take the blame
Don't twist the truth, don't be a whore
Tell the truth and shame the devil
Don't you lie no more
I will never understand
How we came to this sad place
Just to look at your sad face
Castles made of sand
But here we are, so we do
What we had is now untrue
What there was is lost and shamed
Here we are again
[Chorus] (x2)
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