My song is Love Unknown (перевод на Итальянский)

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My song is Love Unknown

My song is love unknown,
My Savior’s love to me;
Love to the loveless shown,
That they might lovely be.
O who am I, that for my sake
My Lord should take, frail flesh and die?
He came from His blest throne
Salvation to bestow;
But men made strange, and none
The longed for Christ would know:
But O my Friend, my Friend indeed,
Who at my need His life did spend.
Here might I stay and sing,
No story so divine;
Never was love, dear King!
Never was grief like Thine.
This is my Friend, in Whose sweet praise
I all my days could gladly spend.
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THe original author of this song is Samuel Crossman, 1664. It is usually played to the music of John Ireland - 'love uknown'.
I have been working on translating this myself from English to Italian, but would like to see if this translation service would also help - some words are very difficult and I am not sure of a good substitue - such as loveless -or the best way to say the phrase 'my song is love unknown' and have the meaning stay the same.
I hope to get this translated into Latin as well. Thank you for any help! I hope that that song can be sung in Italian and keep the same lovely melody.

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Il mio inno è amore sconosciuto

Il mio inno è amore sconosciuto,
l'amore del mio Salvatore per me;
amore mostrato a quelli che ne erano privi,
perché ne fossero pieni.
Ma chi sono io, per cui
il mio Signore ha indossato una carne fragile ed è morto?
È sceso dal Suo trono benedetto
per concedere salvezza;
ma gli uomini non lo accolsero con gioia, e nessuno
riconobbe il tanto atteso Cristo:
ma o amico mio, amico mio davvero,
che ha dato la vita quando ne avevo bisogno.
Che io resti qui e canti,
questa più divina storia;
non ci fu amore, caro Re,
non ci fu dolore come il Tuo.
Questo è il mio Amico, nella cui dolce preghiera
potrei passare lietamente ogni giorno.
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Si possono trovare versioni alternative della stessa canzone; in particolare, alcune hanno strofe aggiuntive (vedi per esempio http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Song_Is_Love_Unknown).

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