Nanneddu meu (перевод на Английский)

  • Исполнитель: Peppinu Mereu
  • Также исполняет: Tazenda, Cordas et Cannas, "Bruno Nieddu", and many others
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  • Переводы: Английский, Итальянский, Немецкий
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Nanneddu meu

Nanneddu meu, Nanneddu meu,
Nanneddu meu, su mundu est gai,
a sicut erat, a sicut erat
a sicut erat non torrat mai.
Semus in tempos de tirannias,
infamidades e carestias;
como sos populos cascant che canes
gridende forte "cherimus pane".
Famidos, nois semus papande
pane e castanza, terra cun lande;
terra ch'a fangu, torrat su poveru
chentz'alimentu, chentza ricoveru.
Semus sididos, in sa funtana
pretende s'abba parimus ranas.
Pejus su famene chi forte sonat
Sa janna a totus e no perdonat.
Cussas banderas, numeru trinta,
de binu ‘onu mudad’ant tinta;
apenas mortas cussas banderas
non pius s'osservant imbriacheras.
Abbocaeddos, laureados,
butzacas boidas e ispiantados,
in sas campagnas papant mura
che crabas lanzas in sa cresura.
Sos tristos corvos a chie los lassas?
pienos de tìrrias e malas trassas.
E gai chin totus fachimus gherra
pro pagas dies de vida in terra
Adiosu Nanni, tenet'a contu,
fache su surdu, betat'a tontu;
a tantu l'ides: su mundu est gai,
a sicut erat non torrat mai.
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My dear Johnny

My dear Johnny,
the world is like this,
it will never come back
as it once was.
We are living in times of tyranny,
infamy and famine;
the people are yawning like dogs,
shouting aloud “we want bread!”.
We are hungry, devouring
bread and chestnuts, clay mixed with acorns.1
Clay that reduces the poor to mud,
without food, without a shelter.
We are thirsty, by the fountain
longing water, we look like frogs.
The worst is the hunger that knocks hard
on everyone’s door and doesn't spare anyone.
Those flags, at least thirty,
have taken the color of good wine:
as soon as those flags are lowered,
you won’t see a single drunk anymore.2
Young lawyers, recently graduated,
with empty pockets and penniless,
they eat blackberries in the countryside
like skinny goats from enclosure bushes.
What about the dismal crows,3
full of malice and bad intrigues?
And so we are fighting against anyone
for a few days of life on earth.
Good bye Johnny, take care of yourself,
act as a deaf and pretend to be a fool;
in any case, you see: the world is like this,
it will never come back as it once was.
  • 1. In the worst times of famine this was actually the meal of the poorest people.
  • 2. A reference to the political opportunism.
  • 3. As a socialist, Mereu was also anticlerical. So he often compared the crows to the black clothes of the priests. But this metaphor can apply as well to any social exploiter.
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Taken from a poem by Peppinu Mereu (1872-1901) written to his friend Gianni (Nanneddu) Sulis.
For its tone of social protest, but also easy-going, the poem soon became very popular (and still is), and was set to music in many different ways.

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