Niko nije lud da spava (перевод на Английский)

перевод на АнглийскийАнглийский

No One is Crazy Enough to Sleep

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Oh Mara, why do you wake me so nicely
make me a capuccino
so I can look from the terrace
did new faces arrive, like last year.
Beautiful Mara
are white legs walking
have they tanned a bit?
So I can help if it's necessary
a girl is like a white fish--easily spoiled.
Oh Mara, I'll go down to the coast
from the sun the face wrinkles
maybe a cute brunette says
"put lotion on my back", there
in the shade.
Beautiful Mara, the sun is falling into the sea
the trip is long to a new dawn
tonight the song won't stop
my grandma won't sleep
well, no one in town.
No one is crazy to sleep,
even if you wanted to, you can't.
If someone's got a headache
he shouldn't have come to the seaside.
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*the original text of this song is written in a Dalmatian dialect (from the Croatian coastal region of Dalmatia).


Niko nije lud da spava

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