Nunc Sancte Nobis Spiritus (перевод на Английский)

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  • Переводы: Greek (Ancient), Английский

Nunc Sancte Nobis Spiritus

Nunc, Sancte, nobis, Spiritus,
Unum Patri cum Filio,
Dignare promptus ingeri
Nostro refusus pectori.
Os, lingua, mens, sensus, vigor
Confessionem personent.
Flammescat igne caritas,
Accéndat ardor proximos.
Præsta, Pater piissime,
Patríque compar Unice,
Cum Spiritu Paraclito
Regnans per omne sæculum.
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Come to us O Holy Spirit

Come to us O Holy Spirit, you who
are one with the Father and the Son,
deign to be poured swiftly into
our hearts with holiness.
Let tongue, heart, perception thrive
proclaim our creed, let it resound
let the fire of love flare,
so others may light with its flame.
Bestow us, most pious Father
you who are one with Christ,
with the Holy Spirit (whom you advocate)
reign the universe forevermore.
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