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    Parado no Bailão

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Parado no Bailão

É que eu queria muito ela
Ela não me dava atenção
Fiz de tudo por ela
Pra manter uma relação
E hoje nós nem conversa..
To decidido e não é à toa
que me joguei no Mandela
Eu parado no bailão, no bailão
Ela com o popozão no chão
E o popozão no chão, e o popozão no chão

Standing at the prom

It's because I wanted so much her
She wouldn't give me attention
Made everything for her
To maintain a relation
And today we won't even talk...
I'm decided and is not for nothing
That I went to the Mandela[1]
I standing at the prom[2], at the prom
She with her ass[3] in the floor
And the ass in the floor, and the ass in the floor
[1] Probably a nightclub.
[2] This is the flashy of the song. It is a old fashioned way to say a nightclub. I translated it as prom, as originally it is meant to something like that.
[3] Originally almost a childlike way to the women's butt. It carries the idea of largeness.
Victor KindingerVictor Kindinger
   ср, 02/10/2019 - 13:53

Usually I would think the same before, but, first, this isn't Brazil exclusivity, many USA songs do the same, like Wigle Wigle and so on.
Second, when you see how woman react to the songs, you realize it's not about respect but about depravation of society itself.

Don JuanDon Juan
   пт, 23/12/2022 - 21:06

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