Paranoya (перевод на Английский)

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She looked at me, she saw me
She checked me out, she approached me
And this means...and this means
What did it mean, what did it mean
I asked the question, what did I ask her, I asked the question
Did you look at me, did you see me
Did you check me out, held my hand
Approached me, broke my back, heard me
Look, look at yourself, turned into ashes, melted
Did she look at me, did she see me
Did she see this, did she love me
Did she kiss me, did she ask me, grabbed my hand
Oh, Oh my situation , would be good if I were to be sure
Was there someone, did she see me
Asked the question, did she ask a question
Did she ask a question, did she ask me
Oh, Oh my situation
You are, My words are to you
I became your slave, I became a dog, did someone see my state
Did someone shoot, did someone break my balance
Look at my condition, I have smiled even for a second
Stop me for once, stop me for once
Stop my tongue..."ARGHH", stop my voice, a doctor for me
See my condition, look at my brain
Was it lived... I couldn't know
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