Parle à ta tête (перевод на Английский)

  • Исполнитель: Indila
  • Песня: Parle à ta tête 19 переводов
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перевод на АнглийскийАнглийский

Speak to your head

Версии: #1#2#3
[Verse 1]
I want to be listened to
Yes, I want to be understood
I want to like knowing why I'm here
Tell me why I'm here
[Verse 2]
And I walk alone
Hidden under my parasol
Please, don't make fun of me
I go to the employment centre
Low morale
[Verse 3]
And I clown around
Sometimes I bring home the bacon
I'm tired of going very fast
I can restart immediately
And what you say about that
Oh, say what you say
Speak to your head
Speak to your head
Speak to your head
Speak to your he-he-head
Speak to your head
Speak to your head
[Verse 4]
I am in burn-out mode
Do I have to repeat myself to you?
It burns, it stings and it gets to my head
I become even more stupid
I keep smiling like life is beautiful
[Verse 5]
No, do not lie to me
I said do not lie to me
It's too much for me
Speak to your head
Speak to your head
Speak to your head
It's too much for me
Talk to your head-tê-tête
Speak to your head
Speak to your head
All these beautiful lights
And this chaos around me
Confuses and intoxicates me with absinthe
With love and I believe in it
I'd give everything without keeping anything
Except for your reality
I would die as I lived
Once the curtain fell
The ideal, to which I dream
It's not abnormal
Beyond, good, bad
Time will take me
Like a fragile crystal rose
Loses all its petals
I want to make my life shine
Like the sparkle of a star
Forgive me the day I can not talk to you anymore
Forgive me every moment I did not look at you
Oh! Forgive me all the time I did not give you
And every next day that will one day be tomorrow
Me, I want to live so that my heart burns
I would feel existing
Suffering, crying, dancing
Loving to death
Paris, Athens, Venice, Harlem, Moscow by your side
Time is only worth the day when it is short
Speak to your head
Speak to your head
Speak to your head
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French lyrics aren't entirely correct


Parle à ta tête