Poezd Na Memfis (Поезд на Мемфис) (перевод на Английский)

  • Исполнитель: Melnitsa (Мельница)
  • Песня: Poezd Na Memfis (Поезд на Мемфис)
  • Переводы: Английский
перевод на АнглийскийАнглийский

Train To Memphis

Is there a train to the blue suede Memphis
From central station of the hundred-gated Thebes?
Is there a train right into the myth? ..
When this train leaves for the south
Upon bare, upon sharp-bladed railway, that hurts so much more,
When the clack sends the wheels forth,
Leaving in the dark of the distance a city on fire,
Forgetting beyond station's tower a city on fire,
And the clock, and the train station's columns,
O Thebes the Ancient, Thebes Hundred-Gated,
Thebes the Central, Thebes the Merchant is also on fire!
When my train sets for the road -
An electrical trace upon tall autumn grass -
I shall name it Quicksilver,
And tell you of every thing that runs through my head.
Of how dreadful it is now and again in my head.
Gods, how bizarre, how agonizingly dreadful,
Trust me, Mercury, it's extremely important
That we do not turn, because many are dangerous
Switches, do trust me -
In my ill foolish head.
I cannot find un-jaded rhymes -
What is marked on the clock face, will be fulfilled on time.
On the platforms of Memphis a rhythm is carved,
And the king undead, Elvis, is laureled with seconds.
Pretending that he is the master of the rail roads.
In fact, who is their master,
Underground, overwater, help me, I beg you,
Underlunar, starless, and simply ruthless,
Now it's too late, I'm already an eternal dweller
Of the rail roads.
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Poezd Na Memfis (Поезд на Мемфис)

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